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Education proposals as part of the roadmap

The proposal of the Partit Laburista (PL) to give a tablet to every boy and girl in fourth year primary school is a tool through which illiteracy can be fought.


During the programme Affari Taghna at The Dome in Senglea, Joseph Muscat stated that as opposed to the PL proposal, GonziPN announced an isolated proposal for tablets for everyone without any holistic educational strategy whatsoever.


Joseph Muscat said that the PL proposals for the education sector are part of a roadmap and not stand-alone proposals.


Part of it was the granting of a tablet each for 4th year primary students.


Muscat explained that the choice of 4th year primary school students (government, independent and church schools) was made based on studies which show that this is a crucial year for educational development.


Joseph Muscat stated that the PL is proposing these tablets as a tool to combat illiteracy, as opposed to the PN who announced an isolated proposal to give tablets to everyone without a holistic strategy in place.


Dr Muscat stated, “We proposed all this in the context of fighting illiteracy. It is unacceptable in this day and age that we have children who are leaving school without knowing how to read and right well.”


Joseph Muscat mentioned that three years ago he had attended an event where a strong presentation was made about the financing aspect of a similar system in schools in Australia. At that particular time, the presenation was about a laptop for every boy and girl however since technology evolves very quickly, nowadays it makes more sense that the children have a tablet.


“We have to arm our children with the future and invest in it in an affordable manner. The aspect of encouraging the private sector to invest together with Government in this initiative is realistic and can be done”, claimed Joseph Muscat.


With this plan, a new Government will be empowering teachers and heads of schools, since they will be given more space to practice their profession and use their creativity.


Joseph Muscat said that every school has its own needs which differ from one school to the next, thus challenges have to be addressed in different ways. That is why the head of every school and the teachers have a crucial role to play in the achievement of these initiatives.


A new government will invest in libraries because there is a clear connection between children’s success rate and their access to books and level of poverty.


Joseph Muscat claimed that the more literate children are, the more you can combat poverty, crime and the cause of crime which comes from lack of education.


Through education, stated Muscat, one also combats precariousness. Education is the tool for social mobility so that children can have a better quality of life than their parents.


Joseph Muscat reitariated that the PL has been assuring, for a long time, that stipends will be strengthened and increased. In fact a proposal has already been made to this effect to increase the stipends according to the cost of living increase rate.


The PL’s proposal for the education sector, like in all other sectors, is responsible, has been costed and can be achieved.

Partit Laburista
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